My Personal Burnout that led to Here&Now

My own experience of Burnout.

What led me to Here&Now?

I was previously co-founder of FITCH Brew Co. 

We started FITCH in 2017, fast forward over the next few years, Brexit, Covid, Recessions, we had many hurdles and challenges to overcome.

I was personally extremely proud, yet always self-critical, of the growth and brand that had been built with FITCH.

However this did come at a cost.

Finding a balance between work and personal life became ever more difficult, FITCH became all encompassing and adversely took over my physical and mental health.

I took on anything you could think of, in-house production, pack boxes, customer service, website design, you name it I did it.

Work would often be the first and last thing I thought of, and everything in between. 

I didn't give myself time to slow down and reflect what was really happening with these prolonged bouts of stress. My naivety just thought it was the 'startup' culture I had to go through to make the business a success.

This was my burnout. A change was needed.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a medical disorder that is the result of excessive and prolonged stress. The term was first coined in the 1970s by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. Shortly after, professor Christina Maslach became one of the foremost researchers on the phenomenon, helping shed light on its full impact and implications.

Welcome to the world of Here&Now.

There was a disconnect for me between seeing what I had built at FITCH and not being to able to fully enjoy it. On the rare occasion I decided to slow down and take in what had been achieved from nothing, it was a proud moment and the symbol of all this work was the Cold Brew drink.

This was the catalyst for change, to live more in the Here&Now.

This was the moment that I thought, why can't I create a brand with greater meaning and more importantly purpose that others can enjoy and make their own.

Wider Societal Issue

It was clear to me that as we started forming the concept around Here&Now in 2022, this was a much wider societal issue than I had first considered. the impact it had on mental health was becoming ever increasing in society. 


We came up with a clear and simple mission:

Extinguish the burnout. Fuel the slowdown.

I wanted to create Here&Now to allow people to slow down and take 5 minutes out of your day, just to slow down or find an outlet to really look after yourself and your own mental and physical health.

I am really proud and excited about where Here&Now can go and how many peoples lives it could touch.