Why Here&Now Iced Coffee & Tea?

Here&Now take a fresh approach to ready to drink coffee & tea.

Real Ingredients Brewed Right

While many companies offer canned coffee, here at Here&Now we strive to innovate within the industry whilst becoming masters of our craft. We don't take shortcuts and use real coffee beans and tea leaf without compromise.

Our goal has been to create the best tasting drinks with real ingredients. We’re dedicated to our mantra, which is that simple ingredients can create mouthwatering drinks. No fakes, no shortcuts. At our brewery in the heart of Yorkshire, we create refreshing and unique coffees & teas using nothing but the highest-quality ingredients, fueling our passion for the craft with each can.

We pride ourselves on what we put into our products. From Day 1, we dedicated our efforts to mastering our craft in-house; we didn’t want to outsource from the get-go, and by creating the products here at our brewery as a starting point, we ensured that every brew we developed was nothing less than perfect. It took a lot of effort, and a long time to master, but we wouldn’t have changed this for the world. Besides, nothing worth having comes easy. 

Ethically Sourced

All of our ethically-sourced coffee beans - from the Rainforest Alliance certified Colombian beans are specifically chosen because of their unique, flavourful profile.

Our Sicilian Lemon and Catalonian Peach Iced Teas use organically sourced White Tea.

All our products come in recyclable packaging so we are doing good for our environmental footprint.

Simplicity = Quality Ingredients

When it comes to our brews, we like to keep it simple. No artificial or added flavourings or colourings, nothing secretive; What you see is what you get.

That’s why we make sure that what we do put in our coffee is absolutely perfect. Our Colombian beans are roasted to a specific profile, unique to Here&Now, to create a rich, all-natural flavour that you won’t find anywhere else. The beans are ground to a tailored size, which benefits our slower extraction process and ensures that we extract the maximum flavour from each batch.

The water we use in our cold brews is all purified. Purifying our water eliminates unwanted minerals or sediments, removing them before the brewing process begins, ensuring that we’re left with clean, great-tasting products. Our water is chilled, which aids us in achieving a very specific flavour in our brews.

We Have Taken Years to Perfect the Science

Good coffee is, at its core, a science. The differences between a hot brew and a cold brew can be measured in the detail around compound flavour and aroma extraction. We have teamed up with a UK based scientific agency to analyse our drinks down to each compound (there are hundreds of scientific flavour and aroma compounds in each drink!).

We have done countless hours of testing down to chemical changes that take place during the brewing process, wherein the grind, roast, and steeping temperatures of the coffee all affect which flavours become most prominent.

What we found from our testing, was that our cold brews exaggerated certain quality flavour notes of coffee - such as the rich, caramel, naturally sweet flavours - while dampening specific qualities such as unwanted bitterness or acidity, resulting in our unbelievably smooth brews.


We want everyone to be able to enjoy Here&Now. That’s why we ensure that all of our products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and contain no artificial ingredients.

We believe that good coffee and tea should be able to stand on its own, and we’re adamant to prove it to the world. No added sugars, no added flavourings, no sneaky secrets. 

Enjoy your Here&Now Moments

We like to believe that there’s a Here&Now moment for everyone. Looking for a hearty beverage to see you through a long day? Try our Oat Latte Nitro Brew! How about something lighter, a little more summery? A can of our Rosehip, Hibiscus & Elderflower Sparkling Tea is just what you need. Whatever’s in store for the day, there’s a brew for it.

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