What Goes Into Here&Now Iced Coffee & Tea

What’s in Here&Now?

We take our brewing seriously, and that means using some seriously good ingredients to make the best product possible.

In every product, you can be sure that we use nothing but our high quality, ethically-sourced ingredients in each flavour.

Nothing hidden, nothing fake.

Here&Now: Iced Coffee - Nitro Colombian Oat Latte

We’re proud to offer a vegan-friendly, gluten-free alternative to the typical latte. Our Oat Latte Nitro Cold Brew is a fantastic fix for those craving a creamy caffé latte. We use nothing but British, gluten-free oats for the oat milk in our latte cold brew, making it accessible to all lifestyles.

We don't add any sugars to our latte, so we had to make sure the oats we used were of the utmost quality. When you take a sip of a Here&Now Colombian Oat Latte, you can be sure that the sweetness and intensely satisfying flavours are all-natural.

As in all of our nitro brews, every can of our Oat Latte contains a nitro-widget, dispersing bubbly nitrogen gas throughout your brew as soon as the can is opened. This results in a soft, silky smooth latte without sacrificing our vegan-friendly approach to the products we create.

Here&Now: Iced Coffee - Nitro Colombian Black

Our Black Cold Brew coffee is a cornerstone of Here&Now, and perfectly represent what we stand for; High quality coffee with great flavours, and ZERO artificial ingredients or additives. Coffee and purified water - That’s all you need. No sugar, no flavourings.

If you do Cold Brew right, this is the flavour you should get.

Don’t let the simplicity of our ingredients fool you, though; We ensure that only the highest quality, Rainforest Alliance certified Colombian coffee beans are used in our cold brew coffees, and the water we use is all purified to create a crisp, clean base for our brews, in which our unique flavours can thrive. 

Iced Tea: Sparkling Rosehip, Hibiscus & Elderflower

Another knockout addition to our line up is our Rosehip, Hibiscus & Elderflower sparkling herbal iced tea. We kept it minimalist for this tea, too; Made with nothing the purified water that goes into all our brews, a tantalising blend of rosehip and hibiscus tea leaves, natural apple juice and elderflower, and a touch of CO2 to give the tea its signature sparkle.

A refreshingly fruity blend, this tea partners perfectly with a hot summer’s day, or a social outing with friends and family. Brimming with antioxidants, and rich in Vitamin-C, this brew doesn’t sacrifice flavour for health benefits. Sweet, fruity, tangy and healthy? It’s almost too good to be true.