Our Founder speaks with Craft Gin Club

Source: Craft Gin Club, Ginned! Magazine

Interview May 2022.

This May we chat to Andy Deeley, founder of the trailblazing brand Here & Now, about their ultra-trendy New Ground Nitro Black Iced Coffee.

For Andy, the pandemic drastically changed how he thought about the here and now – and he soon realised he wasn’t the only one. The burnout for him was real and he set about creating a brand that could help consumers find a refreshing way to slow down.

Andy says, “For adults in the UK and across the world, the pandemic triggered, amongst many other things, a huge rethink of our priorities and attitudes towards work. We’ve been trapped in a cycle of busyness, rushing for the next hit of instant gratification, which often only leaves us wanting more. During the pandemic, we had time to think. Is that what we really want? What if we had more time to think? More time for ourselves?”

Andy carefully crafted a drink that would counter a culture that saw coffee as a ‘quick fix’, rather something that could help people feel more present.

He says, “Tea and coffee were once ritualistic pleasures, not just a functional habit to get us through the day. In a burnt-out world that’s hit boiling point, we wanted to create a brand that offers an open invitation to chill out, extinguish the burnout and embrace the kind of life that comes from you, rather than at you.”

Andy continues, “To fuel the slowdown, we want to reframe perceptions of what convenience really means. We want people to feel more present in their lives, so we’ve taken our time to give people more – we focus on real quality and an elevated experience.”

Through a painstaking development process, they created an iced coffee that was truly worth savouring. With every batch, they steep their single-origin Rainforest Alliance-certified Colombian coffee beans in purified water for over 20 hours. They take their time with this cold brew process, which maximises the natural sweetness of caramel and cocoa notes in the drink. The liquid is also infused with nitrogen, using a cutting-edge technique that adds a creamy, latte-like texture to the coffee.

The result is a drink, packaged in a contemporary, eye-catching can, that truly breaks new ground – and is worth taking time to enjoy. 

And if you want to find more ways to live in the moment, explore the range – from their Sparkling Rosehip, Hibiscus & Elderflower Iced Tea to their Nitro Colombian Iced Oat Latte, each drink offers an opportunity to drink in the here and now. Cheers!