Cold Brew Coffee: What is the History & Benefits?


Cold brewing has existed for centuries, dating all the way back to the 1600s, in Japan. The method itself is widely believed to have been invented by the Japanese themselves - Some have speculated that this method was originally introduced by Dutch traders, although there are few records of cold brewing existing outside of Japan prior to this time period.

When the Dutch traders returned from Japan, however, they brought the cold-brewing process with them. The easily-preserved nature of the Cold Brew concentrate had a multitude of uses, notably keeping the traders themselves awake during their long travels, as well as staying fresh and flavourful long enough to sell in other countries.

Through trade and travel, cold-brewed coffee made its way around the world. It has been utilised in many ways across the globe - The Americans used Cold Brew as war rations in the 19th century, as well as beginning to add chicory to cut the coffee and improve the preservation of it over long periods of time. Cold Brew has been present throughout history as a highly efficient way to take coffee on long journeys without sacrificing the taste or quality of a fresh brew.

Why is Cold Brew Gaining Popularity?


Cold brew process extracts naturally sweeter and smoother compounds than hot coffee or equivalent extracts. Brewing coffee with hot water brings out acids (also known as 'brightness'), whereas Cold Brew doesn't generate that level of acidity.

At Here&Now we brew our Cold Brew Coffee using two simple ingredients:

Purified Water + 100% Arabica Colombian Coffee Beans


Consumers are looking for ever increasing healthy offerings. Cold Brew has some fantastic health benefits if produced in the right way. At Here&Now we are really proud of not introducing additives or artificial sweeteners to our products.


Cold brew has great versitility. It can be used as a standalone drink over ice, within a mocktail or cocktail. No mess, no fuss, no need for an expensive coffee machine to generate high quality premium coffee offering.